The story behind Walton Blank

Walton Blank grew up in London, United Kingdom, in the late 19th. As the young man became older people recognized it was something special about him. He was always curious and would question everything he did not understand. He had a special interest for sound and believed that it was the most important sense the human had. Walton Blank wanted to create a limitless living for the human specie and knew that this had to start with sound. Notes were taken and ideas were about to be implemented if it were not because of his early dead, in  1916. A solid 100 years later, his documents were found by two young Swedish entrepreneurs. The ideas were well written and too good to not be made. In memory of the great Walton Blank the company was founded.



WALTON BLANK loved his accessories simple and classic. We truly liked the idea of mixing a minimalist design with a technical, yet easy to use interface. The earbuds had to be perfect. Not too much and not too little. We wanted to create a design for every style and whichever occasion. The classic style of London in early 20th were combined with a touch of Swedish minimalism. Slowly but surely a couple of wireless earbuds took form. They are wireless, classic and perfectly shaped for a minimalist and easy to use experience. We believe that our black and white earbuds with their matching portable charging cases will appeal to almost everyone with a sense of classic and timeless design.